TransAm Trucking is a refrigerated trucking bearer with terminals in Olathe, Kansas and Rockwell, Texas. TransAm Trucking at present works an armada of more than 1,400 tractors and 2,400 reefer trailers. Refrigerated trailers otherwise called reefer trailers are utilized to convey atmosphere delicate loads, for example, drain, meat, natural products, vegetables, yogurt, lager, solidified sustenances, blooms, pharmaceuticals and a large group of different things. Refrigerated trailers look like dry van trailers all things considered. In any case, within a refrigerated trailer is temperature controlled and vigorously protected to shield the cargo from being bargained.

Drivers who pull refrigerated burdens must be mindful so as to keep up the right temperature for each heap. They should have the capacity to alter the temperature to address the issues of the particular load they are pulling. The prerequisites will differ in view of the sort of freight. Inability to keep up the right temperature can bring about the substance ruining or being generally harmed.

Refrigerated vans can be utilized to pull dry van and temperature controlled cargo. This is leverage in the occasion there are no heaps accessible which require temperature controlled trailers. For this situation truck drivers can get dry van cargo and just kill the reefer unit. That way the temperature in the trailer will be the same as other dry van trailers. This empowers the driver to have the capacity to pull dry cargo when important.

New drivers are welcome to apply at TransAm Trucking. The essential prerequisite is that drivers must be no less than 21 years of age and have a substantial Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). New drivers will get extra paid at work preparing. By and large, this incorporates one week of classroom preparing and three weeks driving out and about under the supervision of a mentor.

Experienced drivers are likewise welcome to apply. Notwithstanding acting as organization drivers, open doors for them to end up noticeably self employed entities are accessible. Drivers needing to wind up noticeably self employed entities can rent hardware through a rent buy design accessible through TransAm Leasing which is an auxiliary of TransAm Trucking.

A previous TransAm Trucking truck driver when approached about his experience working for the organization said something he preferred best was the nature of the tractors and trailers. As indicated by this driver, TransAm Trucking utilizes great tractors, trailers and other hardware and keeps up it extremely well. Something else this driver enjoyed about working for this organization is the nature of the stockrooms and docks he grabbed from and conveyed to. As indicated by him the docks were in incredible condition. The greater part of the docks had great lighting and security. The distribution centers which are essentially tremendous fridges are exceptionally cool which requires that stockroom specialists wear protected suits. He observed the dock specialists to be charming and productive at their occupations.