Truck Breakdowns: How to handle them?

While driving a truck, you might feel that something is wrong at times. You stop on the side and notice that there is some issue, be it, a punctured tire or an overheated engine. There can never be enough preventive measures that make the chances of a truck breakdown null, and hence, it is essential to be aware of and in control of this if a situation arises.

How to handle truck breakdown situation?

To understand how to handle truck breakdown, it is essential to understand why that may cause this.

1. Issues with the tire

A prevalent issue, this counts for most of the incidents that take place on the roadside and create havoc. Commercial truck repair in Gainesville sees tire punctures and air pressure problems in tires as usual issues.

2. Problems with the cooling system

Any vehicle can be prone to overheat, and this is especially true in hotter areas. Surveying and keeping an eye on heating in the engine is a great way to ensure that this problem is prevented. This is actually a problem on the internal side, so the external temperature is only a minuscule variable.

3. Brakes issues

Brakes are one of the most common road problems. These are some of the most critical parts of the truck as any malfunction can cause dire accidents. Commercial truck repair in Gainesville and other places also speaks of how important breaks are.

Now if the truck goes into the breakdown, due to any issue, the following steps should help:


Ensure you are not blocking traffic, and stand to the side so that vehicles behind you can pass.

2.Carry equipment

You must carry with you indicating equipment and use it in case of a breakdown. This will allow other drivers to see that your vehicle is a potential danger and avoid causing accidents.

3. Make the calls

Make sure you have informed the owners or the respective authorities about the accident. The owners will then decide on how to move forward regarding insurance and repairs.

4. Tools

Keep a myriad of tools ready to use in case of an emergency. You must know the kind of materials that you will need in case of an issue like this. It would be best if you kept at least road triangles, batteries, flashlights, reflective vests, a GPS system, and other required tools.

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