A truck driver run long, indeed long distance and happens to stay away from home for a long time. This is too tough which leads to a lifestyle difficult to sustain stressful and unhealthy. The very nature of the work is sedentary and the work often turns out to be sedentary, heavy and tiring when they spend hours and hours on the wheel, so it entails huge amounts of caffeine and unhealthy food to gain some energy.

Another problem is that of rest and breaks: very often in a single stop must be nourished, showered and rested. Despite the difficulties, trying to stay healthy is crucial to yourself, for well-being and also for the success of your career, so here are the tips:

– Eat healthy even on the road

Ideally there must be a small fridge on the truck, to keep the food already prepared at home. Meals should be frequent, light, rich in vitamins and minerals, salts but especially poor in fat. The main meals should be three, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ranging the small but nutritious snacks to fruits, macedonia or cereal bars those are easy to find at gas stations. Recommend all the food that is easy to clean or prepare before also accompanied by green-tea and herbal teas that help cleanse them. As for seasoning, do not overdo with salt and use extra-virgin olive oil.

Instead of sparkling drinks, strawberries, water, tea, lemonade be careful to always use them at an ambient or cool temperature. Never frozen to avoid dangerous driving congestion.

– Sleep is necessary

For psycho-physical well being sleep is essential especially if you are virtually forced to live in your truck’s cab. Invest in a good mattress and do not settle for the first pillow found somewhere you have to expect the highest quality of your night’s sleep so you can be effective during the day. Also be sure to have a portable fan on board when the cabin becomes too hot especially in summer so that you sleep in quiet and cool.

If you are annoyed by external noises, there are some machines that allow you to reproduce a series of relaxing sounds that could help you to have a more serene and prolonged sleep, with no continuity as a result of the nearby road noise.

Make sure your sleep is as comfortable as possible and in silence .

– Keep your mind active

Sometimes work can be tedious, especially after grinding thousands of miles, it is important to avoid distractions and also not to become obsessed with some thoughts becomes important. Sometimes, thinking too bad is wrong, you know? That’s why it’s good to change the routine of your driving days, so be alert and have an elastic mind.

A good traveling companion is music. Try to vary from your usual repertoire, options are numerous and listen to something that keeps you up to morale.

Keep your truck up to date with maintenance and check for all the accessories that they are in good shape and condition. For example, GMC Rear Bumpers which are necessary accessories in case of avoiding any fatal or light accident to your truck.