Technology can be a boon or a bane and it all depends how it is used. As it is in all types of organizations, the ELD companies too face a few issues with the electronic logging devices that have been plaguing small business truckers. They are trying to abide by the new federal regulations in using these devices to track driving hours digitally. The rules are now stricter though the government allows a three-and-a-half-month grace period. According to the rule, the commercial vehicle inspectors can place a trucker out of service for ten hours if it is found to be without electronic logging device installed.

Choose a reliable company

The issue is how to make these devices work as reports are pouring in regarding the system’s failure to track the accurate location of the trucks. It is also reported that these devices are not recording the mileage and the hours of trucking and few do not work at all. It is therefore required to choose a reliable manufacturer so that it does its job precisely. Moreover, buying a cheap electronic logging device may also catch fire resulting in an additional repair cost. Ideally, this device should plug in to the engine control module, or ECM, of the truck to record the vehicle movements.

Common issue faced

Truckers face common issues apart from the above with these devices if it is bought from any unreliable sources. It may show that a truck is running at higher speed while it is not in reality. Apart from that, the device may show the accurate driving hours but might not track precisely the mileage the truck has traveled.According to the ELD regulation no trucker should be driving more than 11 hours a day in a 14 hour workday and then go for a break for 10 succeeding hours. Therefore, choose and ELD that is safe and accountable.