Driving a truck may seem like a safer experience compared to driving your average car because of the size and durability, but those who occupy this vehicle still have a great chance of getting hurt in an accident. Whether you need a truck for your job or you enjoy using one for trips to the outdoors, you are still at risk of suffering short and long-term injuries if you or the drivers next to you aren’t careful.

However, there are several steps that allow for a steady and proper physical, emotional, and financial recovery from such an incident. Here are three steps to take in order to get back into your pickup as soon as possible.

Ensure Your Safety and Attention to Injuries

The safety of all of those involved in any type of accident on the road should be your top priority. You’ll need to get yourself and anyone who was hurt in the accident far away from the scene as quickly as possible. First, call emergency services right away so that medical attention is brought to you and other victims before injuries get worse. While there may be things that you can do to heal yourself, it’s best to leave most of the work to the professionals. If your injury prevents you from being able to do so, have someone else nearby call 911, whether it’s another victim with less serious injuries or a bystander who saw what happened.

In order to prevent further accidents from happening, you’ll need to get any debris from the vehicles, as well as the vehicles themselves, off of the road. Whether the accident was on the highway or a dirt road in the woods, another vehicle coming up could run over a detached piece of a car, and the driver could get hurt, as well. This second accident could result in further injuries for the parties involved in the first accident. It helps to set up warning signs with cones and other material to let people behind you know that an accident took place and to proceed with caution.

Collect Information

All parties involved in the accident may be able to move on without suing each other, but it’s smart not to take any chances. Taking photos and recording videos of the injuries that everyone suffered, as well as the damage that your vehicle received, will serve as evidence in a court case if you are sued by someone who actually caused the accident. Your word can only go so far, so having the word of people who witnessed the accident and know that you were not responsible for it will help you get through the case with little difficulties.

Collecting photos and videos of the accident will also help you physically recover. Having images of your injuries, whether it’s cuts and bruises or a broken bone, will help doctors know what to do so that you heal properly. Certain injuries may not look too serious, but they could lead to an infection if they are not addressed. Concussions and other internal injuries could have taken place without you knowing, so you should have a medical professional look at you right away. This will also help determine what your health insurance provider will be able to cover. Having the contact information of all parties, including email addresses and phone numbers, is helpful for keeping everyone up-to-date on the situation and knowing how each person is recovering.

Contact Your Lawyer

Your financial comeback from a truck accident will heavily depend on what kind of lawyer you have, and it’s best to have an attorney who specializes in your scenario. It’s important to know a professional such as this truck accident lawyer in California who knows the laws in different states regarding truck accidents, depending on if the incident took place in your home state or somewhere else. Having a lawyer who can represent you out-of-state and in an not-at-fault accident will help prevent you from making payments that you’re not liable to. This will also come in handy if someone else caused the accident.

Extra security can come from your lawyer knowing an attorney where the accident took place if it occurred out of town. This will help if the laws of the state are different from those where you’re from, as well as settle any claims in a quick fashion. Your attorney will also be able to determine what you’re owed based on the evidence you have of the accident. It’s also important to keep your lawyer updated as time goes by in case your injuries start to get worse, which can lead to a better settlement that will be beneficial for your wallet.

Remember to make these moves so that your injuries heal quick and you can get back on the road in your truck.