Total Excellium Concentrate Diesel Oil

Do you own a diesel truck or car? If yes, you have to select the oil purposely made for use with a diesel engine. The market has many brands to offer and you should be therefore cautious when selecting the oil.That does not mean that you should panic! Total Lubricants has founded another diesel fuel additive, which reduces the total fuel consumption by around 5%. Total Excellium Concentrate diesel oil is suitable for the regular diesel vehicles, improves the performance and is beneficial to all road hauliers.

The oil cleans the engine by forbidding injecting fouling and extends the engine’s life by minimizing friction – that also results in reduced maintenance costs. The combined actions offer significant benefits, particularly to drivers who drive for longer distances on diesel cars. Actually, a more recent study showed that the oil prevented injector fouling by over 93% andmanaged to clean up at least 45% of the existing fouling in diesel engine vehicles.

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How it works

After adding it to the regular diesel fuel in your vehicle, the Total Excellium Concentrate Diesel will clean your vehicle’s engine by forbidding fouling of the engine and therefore prolong the engine’s life through friction minimization.

The combined actions offer many benefits particularly to people who need to drive for longer distances. Further studies show that drivers who use the Total Excellium Concentrate Diesel Oil observe reduced fuel consumption. In other words, their vehicles consume 5% lesser fuel. The diesel truck oil cleans the engine and increases the efficiency.

It is a green solution

Users are also benefiting from the reduced CO2 emissions by around 4.2%. Carbon monoxide emissions are also reduced by 32%. Nitrogen oxides reduced by 21% while hydrocarbons and particulates are reduced by 21% and 16% respectively. Several organizations have individually tested Excellium and UTAC-CERAM has certified it, validating its environmental and economy credentials. Longer-term engine performance is important for all transport operations. The diesel truck oil offers exactly that.

When to use the Total Excellium Concentrate Diesel Oil

The latest product, a part ECOSOLUTIONS from Total, is more ideal when used along with Total Rubia, heavy-duty engine oil. It also expands Total’s durability and sustainability lubricant range. Revealed at one of the latest Commercial Vehicle Shows, it is tested and awarded. Any driver will agree that longer-time engine performance is important in transport operation. The new Excellium Concentrate Diesel offers exactly that. Total offers it in bulk, 185L, 5L and IBC. Use it to keep your diesel engine clean.

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