When you bring home the newly purchased car, the paint makes it look stunning. But as days pass, your car paint might start looking dull and you can even start facing several kinds of auto paint issues that can frustrate you out of your wits. Many times it happens as you might not be aware of what could have affected your car paint, and continue to commit the same unknown mistakes, that can take serious toll on your car paint.

The best way to prevent your car paint from falling prey into any of these damaging causes is to learn the common causes that can create car paint issues as well as learning how to prevent them from taking place, altogether. Once you know how to safeguard your car paint finish will help you keep it as fresh and shiny as new.

Here in this article, we will pen down some of the most commonly observed causes of car paint damage and how to prevent them, shared by the experts of the Salisbury collision repair center.

Damage Because of Delamination

Patches of paint surface where the clear coat is peeling out of its own or has started delaminating, can spread to a greater areain a faster pace than you think. This issue often takes place if the paint products used during a repairare incompatible to your car body surface. But it can also occur from over exposure to the hot sun and other damaging elements. Hence, the most easiestways to prevent such chances of delamination are,using only the paint product recommended by your manufacturer, and make sure to park your car either in shaded place or in a garage.

Paint Peeling Off

The paint on your car will always be protected by a layer of cleancoat that can withstand a considerable amount of wear or damage and doesn’t peel. But unfortunately, yourcar paint can be susceptible to peeling off, in case, you have undergonea poorly done paint job or have faced prolonged exposure to the hot sun. Even small dings,dents or accidental scratches done by a sharp object can cause the paint get damaged and start peeling off. The only way out to save your car paint from peeling off, is to park it under shade, choose the right paint product while doing a paint job and park it in an authentic parking slot to protect it from sudden scratches.


Your car paint can start chipping off if it catches rust from long moisture accumulation and oxidation.Performing repairs without using seam sealer can also cause rust issues. To keep rusting at bay, make a habit of washing and waxingyour car at regular intervals, following the right procedures and parking it under shade, protecting it from sun, rainand snow.

Color Fading

Experts at the collision repair Salisbury explained, if your car paint is fading before it is time, the reasons could be over exposure to the sunlight, dust and debris. The only way to keep it longer with its original shine is washing and waxing in frequent intervals and avoid parking in the open sun.