Just as you go preparing for your wedding and ordering the gowns, spare a thought for your besties and girl gang too. Your bridesmaids will be wearing matching dresses and all. Surely, they need a lot more fun than just being at your wedding. How would you think about taking them on a ride to the venue in a vintage car? Check out the vintage car hire Manchester-based from the reputed companies like Aces Car Hire. Your BFF’s and the gang of girls would love this car ride to the venue. 

Sweet Gestures Call for Special Treats!

What was the first reaction of your best friend when you opened up about your marriage date? She must have been delighted and started helping you by making the guest list. This said, your other girlfriends might have been helping you shop for your trousseau while learning about your colour themes for the marriage. From elaborate dress rehearsals to the accessories they all plan to match – all are so well in the plan to make your wedding the most memorable event in your life! Such sweet gestures call for a sweet appreciation, and nothing would be lesser than a bachelorette party or a ride on a vintage car. Look for Beauford Classic 1971 Convertible that comes with a soft top for you to pull down or up whenever necessary. 

Make Memories to Last a Lifetime

Your circle of girlfriends would love getting into this magnificent vintage car and ride in their fineries through the city to your wedding venue. They would also love to pose in them for their Instagram stories. Beauford, in its polished ivory white exteriors and chrome fittings, add to the glam quotient immensely. If your friends mean the world to you, treating them with this memorable ride is worthwhile. Surprise them on the day of your wedding with royal treatment to appreciate your care for them.

Marriages are not just about the bride and groom. Friends and close relatives or family all make a wedding to be a success. Watch them express their love for you and pose for the snaps around the Vintage car you hire. Go for Aces Car Hire to get the Vintage cars hire Manchester-based for your bridesmaids to remember this date all their life too!