For most people, your car, van, or truck is a home away from home. And while a casual Sunday cruise might have been adequate to assuage the average driver in previous years, in our modern age, there are hundreds of gadgets that can enhance your daily driving experience. Some are practical devices made to assist during an emergency, while others are a bit more gimmicky, albeit enjoyable.

Whether you’re planning for the next family road trip or a long commute to work, it’s important to ensure that you’re well prepared. On this post, we’ll share some of the best accessories for your car to fit almost any budget.

  1. Mediabridge Smartphone Cradle: A Cup Holder car mount for your phone

You shouldn’t use your phone while driving. This cannot be stressed enough. With that out of the way, when you do need to use the phone for some legitimate reasons, like checking the GPS, you want to have a good mount for it. While suction cup mounts will let you stick your phone on to the windshield, they interfere with your line of vision. This Mediabridge unit is a great alternative, as it lets you stick your phone to the cup holder. Its sturdy built means that you won’t have to worry about the phone flying out when you hit a bump accidentally.

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  1. Bestek Jump Starter

Jumper cables come in handy whenever you want to give another vehicle a friendly jolt. But if you’re in a more isolated area (or plan to travel to such an area), jumper cables are pretty much useless. This self-powered jumper starter from Bestek is ideal for such a scenario, and essentially comes with two USB ports for use with your mobile devices and your led lighting flashlight.

  1. Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger and Car Finder

It’s quite easy to lose your car in some parking lots, and you’ve at some point probably walked back and forth embarrassingly beeping your keys in an attempt to find it. This smart USB charger and car locator combo offers you a solution for this. It ideally has two USB ports to charge your mobile devices while in the car, and it doubles as a Bluetooth tracking device that you can ideally access from your phone, allowing you to hunt down your car much faster.

  1. Navdy: A Slick Navigation System

This is one of the coolest and perhaps one of the most useful bits of military technology making its ways into cars. And since they aren’t on every car yet, there’s a good chance you don’t have one. Navdy has been in the works for a while, and it recently started shipping to customers. The device pairs with your phone and provides you navigation details, speed, the now playing music, and incoming call/text as a heads-up display on your windshield.

  1. Fobo Tire Plus

Having properly inflated tires at all times ensures that your tires wear off more evenly, improve your fuel efficiency, and increase the lifespan of your tires. Instead of using a handheld pressure gauge to keep your tires properly inflated, this device uses a number of Bluetooth gauges on the wheels that relay this information directly into your smartphone. Plus, the Fobo Tire Plus system can monitor up to 19 cars, which should be more than adequate for most motorists.

  1. Z-Edge Z2 Plus Dashcam

A dashcam is one of those gadgets that should ideally be in all modern vehicles. While we could be a long way off before they start becoming standard, having a good quality dashcam could come in handy in your daily driving. Since they document everything that happens on the road, they are not just for leisure. They essentially give you a solid video evidence to prove that you weren’t at fault in case of an accident.

The Z2 plus is one of the best dashcams on the market that use the rear view/camera combination. It will attach to your rear-view mirror securely and comes with an LCD display that shines underneath the display. It even has an extra rear-view camera for either sticking on the rear window as a backup camera or for recording the inside of your cabin.

  1. Ventev Wireless Pro Dock

Car manufacturers are starting to include wireless phone chargers, either as standard or optional upgrades in their latest models. However, you don’t need to upgrade to a brand-new car just to get one. The Ventev Wireless Pro dock ideally replaces the conventional, painfully slow USB charge with a wireless, fast-charging enabled dock, which doubles as a cradle. It’s about 3x faster than the standard wireless charger, and comes with a lifetime warranty to sweeten up the deal a bit.

  1. Handpresso

For most of us, we simply shudder at the thought of starting off a weekday without a good cup of coffee. Based on your schedule, it’s easy to forget setting the coffeemaker, and when you’re running behind, you may simply lack the time to swing by the coffee shop on your way to work. The Handpresso is designed for the flibbertigibbet (those with a soft spot for nifty gadgets) and is tailormade to suit your car. The unit works with ESE espresso pods or your own preferred grounds and will plug directly into the 12-volt port or cigarette lighter in your car.

  1. Curb Alert Pro: An Audible Proximity Sensor

Many of the modern car models have proximity sensors that let you know when you’re about to hit a curb or a wall while parking. However, not all of them will catch things like curbs of a moderate height, which you’d typically find in most parking lots and the kind that could scrape the lower lip of your bumper. This proximity sensor is fitted at the bottom part of the front of your car with the sole mission of sniffing out these curbs, thereby protecting your paint from those pesky scrapes.

  1. Ztylus Stinger

This is a handy device to have in case of an accident. If the doors or windows are jammed after a crash, the Stinger is specially designed to help you shatter the car window or windshield, so that you can exit the car as quickly as possible. The Stinger also comes with a blade at the back side, allowing you to cut the seat belt in case it’s jammed.