Car Smart is a prominent provider of rust care accessories. Rusting can cause significant damage to your car and if extensive enough, immobilize it. 

Rusting is a natural part of a vehicle’s wear and tear process but there is much you can do to prevent car parts from rusting including: 

Regularly Washing your Car

The easiest and most recommended way to avoid your car getting rust is to wash it often. The contaminants and dirt particles that accumulate on the body of a vehicle are the main causes of rusting. 

If you let dirt, mud and water stay on your car, it is only a matter of time before it starts to rust. You should ensure you visit the car wash at least once a week. 

Drying your car properly is also crucial to preventing rust. 

Using Anti-Rust Products

All modern cars go through a rust protection process before they are officially produced. In fact, some car manufacturers will apply several layers of rust resistant paint when making a car. 

However, all their efforts may not be enough when the car is out in the real world. You cannot entirely account for a car’s exposure to the elements during its lifespan. 

In that case, anti-rust products will be your extra layer of protection. They will protect your car’s surface from rusting but no the inner components. 

Using Ceramic Coating

In yester years, wax coating or simply waxing, was the prominent defense against rust in cars. However, with time more and more professionals are recommending ceramic coating as a defense against car rust. 

Ceramic coating is not only a more powerful anti-rust solution than waxing but it is also cost effective. You only need to apply the liquid polymer once every few years whereas a wax will last for only a few months. It will last longer in milder tropical climates. 

Ceramic coating bonds with the car paint hence its ability to withstand the harshest of conditions. 

Keeping Drain Plugs Clear

Water will certainly find its way to your car but one of the most crucial elements of preventing rust is how well the water is drained from the car. Drain plugs are how water is eliminated from the inner components of the vehicle. 

The drain plugs are an often ignored part of vehicle maintenance. However, when the drain plugs are blocked by debris, water accumulates and causes car parts to rust. 

Whenever you wash your car, you should check your drain plugs for any debris and remove them. Ensure you clean them out completely and let them dry. 

Oil Undercoating

There are very old cars that have survived harsh seasons of rain and snow. The reason is that they were undercoated with oil. 

Oil undercoating is usually done by spraying after washing and drying your vehicle. You then coat the underbody with atomized oil, spraying inside the doors, fenders and frame rails. 

It is a messy job and not very environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it will prevent your car from rusting for a long time.