Some of the largest online crowdsourcing platforms is from india. Any well-qualified and well established fundraising website has a propensity of cultivating major donors, who are generous and enterprising, and can make a substantial impact on any crowdfunding campaign. By targeting these kind donors,
nonprofits can secure regular donations of considerate amount creating a regular funding pool. Donors of this magnitude can advocate and endorse for the campaigns attracting other substantial donors and help it gain more exposure and popularity. But to acquire such donors, first you need to understand their psychology and characteristics. Crowdfunding India lists some of the features of the best donors which will help you to motivate and attract them. So that you can resonate your pitch with theirs and adapt your strategy
accordingly. This single step will set your fundraising apart from the rest, and help your campaign become the project of choice for the tops donors in India.

  1. They prefer communication and relationship

When you establish your campaign on any of the crowdfunding sites in india, you will the donors a bit guarded. The major donors prefer
to donate to causes that they can relate on a personal levels. The more you try to communicate and keep in touch with them, the more they would value these relationships and will become attached to your cause. Appreciation and acknowledgment would help you retain them for long-term funding goals, because good donors always respond to the gratitude of the campaigners. So,building relationships with your backers is an absolute priority. Campaigns must focus on knowing the prospective donors, their mindsets and the campaigners should modify their approach accordingly evoking their trust. Center your
communications on how the non-profit relates to them and how they can identify with them.

  1. They are generally older

Crowdfunding India says that it is simple logic that has helped them to arrive at this conclusion. Major donors seem to be in an economically stable position themselves and people need time to achieve this. The senior group of our society have settled themselves and have a planned life ahead of them, which makes it easier for them to contribute to a cause. Older people tend to have more time on their hands to consider and stay involved in charitable campaigns. They can also volunteering and pursue campaigns. All you need to do is strike the right cords and get their empathy.

  1. Women tend to empathize more

Not to enforce gender stereotypes, but exhaustive studies have shown that women are more generous than men when it comes to donation. Every fundraising india should adequately target this demographic in their prospective donors list. Channeling your campaign targeting these donors will produce better results.

  1. They are active on social media

Social media offers a great opportunity to identify and communicate with the major donors personally. They are generally active on social media and interacting with them on these platforms publicly will help you gain more recognition. They can share your campaign on their public profiles. All you have to do is come up with new and innovative fundraising ideas to attract them on social media.

  1. They appreciate follow-up  

The best donors want to ensure that their money is being put to good use
and is providing a return. So they want to see results and the impact that their donation has created. Keep the donors updated about the expenditure of the campaign, how and where is the money being used, and what other ventures that are being taken. Keeping them updated will help you legitimize your project in their eyes.

  1. They lack time

This doesn’t just hold good for major donors, but for every donor around the world. When you start a fundraising you needs to be
considerate about donors’ time. Come up with something creative, unusual, and concise so that the donors get a comprehensive idea about your project, fast and easy.