Leaving a car on the street is punishable by fines. If you intend not to ruin yourself and, in addition, you intend to take a last economic benefit to your old vehicle, take note. We tell you how to dispose of it before buying a new one


Trade the Car to Someone Else

A similar way is to auction the car to a private person. For this, there are numerous magazines, websites or forums that offer the possibility of advertising the vehicle for free. If you opt for this route, perhaps, the owner will get a slightly greater economic benefit than if he chooses to sell it to a dealer or a used car store.

Of course, we must first consider the procedures involved in this option, such as the drafting and signing of a sales contract.

car removal

Sell the Car by Pieces

The owner of the car can try to take the last benefit to your vehicle trying to sell the parts that are still useful. The most advisable in these cases is to make an inventory and put them on sale (with a nice description and illustrated with as many photos as can be used) in the differently specialized portals that exist for this reason. If there is luck, the logical thing is that there are components that are easier to sell such as those pieces that are hard to find or those that are fungible, that is, those that can be changed by others of the same class.


Go to a Workshop

When the car does not offer any guarantees to continue providing service to an upcoming driver, few owners decide to sell it to a workshop. In this case, you will have to state your situation explaining the status and features of the vehicle. It will be then when the different establishments evaluate it to know if some money can be procured. If the answer is affirmative and they find a buyer or they are interested in certain pieces, the workshop will fix the existing faults and then offer a proportion of the sale amount to the owner. Some companies even offer free car removal for cars that cannot be brought to the company.


Go to a Scrapyard

When the only option is to sell the car (or what is left of it) to a scrapyard, it is advisable to arm yourself with patience. The search stops having the purpose of the establishment that gives you more to pass to the one who gives you something. Therefore, we must first review the sale amount of heavy and light iron many companies like Vic car wreckers offer a nice amount for your wrecked cars.