Renting a car is arguably cheaper than owning a car in a country like Singapore. Before you rent that car, you must be careful to read to the details the full contract to the fine print. This will help you in choosing a rental services provider who is pocket-friendly.

Here are factors that you need to look out for before you commit to that choice.

Mileage plan

Get to know the mileage plan offered. Normally, the quote will include covering for your mileage, so you will not need to worry about the distance travelled and the additional costs that might follow. Some companies will put a limit to the mileage of each vehicle and charge you for any additional distance travelled. Depending on the distance that you expect to cover, choose the plan that fits your purpose.

The applicable taxes

Before you enter into a rental agreement, ensure that all taxes are included in the price quotation. This will avoid surprises when paying the sum total. The taxes will vary from location to location and therefore do some groundwork prior to getting a rough estimate, which would form a basis for negotiation. It’s also likely that you’d pay more for picking up a car in places like the airport due to the surcharges.

Cost of gasoline

Most of the commercial vehicle rental Singapore companies would expect you to return a full tank car as you return back their vehicle. Others will estimate the cost of fuel and pre-charge you; this could be a bit expensive compared to the per gallon rate at gas stations. The per gallon rate will limit the amount you use at the station and you can plan on the gas you’d want to use per day.


Before you sign the rental contract, you must inquire whether the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is included in the quotation or you’ll have to pay for it separately. This is a relief from any responsibility for loss or damage of the car. You must check also to ensure the insurance policy covers bodily injury or property damage.

Cost of dropping the car

There is always a fee included in the rental price quote, which caters for dropping the car in a different location other than where you picked. If you wish to return the car to the same location, request that it be removed from the quotation. Again, ensure that you return the car at the exact time agreed on the contract to avoid charges for late drop-offs.

With car renting, it really is about the price point; you must be careful to avoid unnecessary charges due to lack of compliance to the contract stated. You must, therefore, read the details of the contract including the fine print, as it could really save you from paying for things that you did not cater for.