Did you know that the vehicle you drive could be making you sick? The car that drive back and forth to work in and that you take your children to school in could be affecting you and your family’s health and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences wants you to know about it. 

In a recent study, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reported that today’s fuel-based cars could be causing a wide range of health  issues, some of which could be irreversible. From hearing loss to heart disease, your vehicle could be making you sick. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences went on to state that a safer, and healthier, alternative to fuel-based cars could be electric vehicles. To reduce the health risks associated with driving even further, experts recommend choosing a solar powered electric vehicle over a fuel-based car.

Electric Vehicles Are Healthier To Drive

In fact, electric vehicles are not only directly healthier to drive, they are also better for the environment which can lead to fewer allergies and lung disease. But one of the biggest health issues associated with fuel-based cars is noise and hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

The interior decibel levels in many fuel-based cars is typically about 70 decibels while driving at highway speeds. This, combined with exposure to traffic noise, has been shown to cause irreversible hearing loss in some drivers. However, in an electric vehicle, the interior decibel level is often below 40 decibels while driving at highway speeds. This significant reduction in noise levels not only saves your hearing but also makes it easier for the driver to concentrate and focus their attention on the road.

Lung Health

Since electric vehicles do not produce emissions, they are cleaner to be around, especially when sitting in traffic with the windows. No emissions also means cleaner air and a reduction in pollutants. This can lead to less lung health problems as well as fewer allergic reactions in both adults and children.

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