Camping in the rain isn’t ideal, especially for novice campers. The wet and cold night can lead to a miserable and traumatizing experience. However, the funny thing about rain and nature in general is its unpredictability. Whenever you want to spend some time outdoors you should expect rain, even when the forecasts say it will be a clear and cloudless sky. It is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

So, even if you aren’t planning to actually try camping in the rain, these tips will surely come in handy when the rain starts to pour:

Tip 1: Pay Attention to The Surroundings

A drop in temperature, a sudden clam in the area, or a strong gust of wind can indicate the approach of rain cloud. Being attuned to their surroundings will give campers more time to prepare the area for rain. For those who don’t want to stick around for the shower, there’s more than enough time to pack it up and drive back home.

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Tip 2: Bring Extra Tent Covers

If you are bringing a tent for the trip it is also wise to invest in waterproof tent covers. Most tents are made with waterproof or at the very least water-resistant material, but sometimes when the rain drop are too large or the shower is too strong water can still seep into the tent. Avoid dealing with a soggy tent, use an extra cover just to be 100% sure.

Tip 3: camping swags Are Better

There is no denying that tents can sleep more than just two people, unlike the swag, but that’s where the advantages end. Swags are actually built to be more durable and weather resistant than tents. Plus, they are better insulated, softer, and warmer than tents. Even when the it is raining cats and dogs in the campsite, inside of the swag will remain warm, dry, and comfortable through the night.

Tip 4: Pack Waterproof Jackets

Although most tents and camping swags come with a durable and dependable waterproof cover, it is not enough to keep you warm through the night. A waterproof jacket will help keep you dry when you have to run outside of your tent or swag for an emergency. This will ensure you stay warm and dry, even after going under the showers. No matter where you’re heading, packing an extra jacket will always come in handy.

Tip 5: Smart Packing

Keep all the essentials like matches, lighters, and flares inside a waterproof container for safe keeping. With or without rain in the forecast keeping these essentials safe is always a smart camping decision. Other items like clothing and food can also be stored inside waterproof containers just to keep them safe from the rain.

Don’t let a little rain ruin the camping weekend for you. Follow these tips and always be ready to waterproof your sleeping area in case the showers do come. It is a part of smart and responsible camping to always be prepared. Be ready to leap into action the moment it starts to drizzle.

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