Shopping for your next vehicle is a whirlwind of excitement, fun, education, and perhaps a little stress. There are so many options to consider while drawing that bright red circle around your budget. Determining which options best suit you is probably the first step in the weeding-out process. Most new and certified pre-owned vehicles today come with the “basics”, including power windows and door locks, anti-lock brakes and traction control. There are some very basic models that may not have some of these features, but for the most part, they are very common in today’s market, unless you drive a bicycle…

Additional options available include:

  • U-Connect
  • WiFi
  • Passenger Climate Control
  • Towing Packages
  • Bluetooth
  • Satellite Radio
  • Navigation Systems
  • Voice Command
  • Keyless Entry/Remote Start
  • And Much More!

Pre-Owned Vehicles Are A Great Option For The Budget-Conscious Buyer

When money is no object, the boundaries are lifted. You can have your perfect ride customized to your preference and add every detail your little heart desires. However, for the rest of us red-blooded and blue-collared Americans, budget is a blatant reality. For this reason, there are car dealerships that offer an entire inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles that fit into nearly any budget. A perfect example of this is the pre owned ram Cincinnati OH. Ram owners are generally quite proud of their trucks, known for their strength and durability, rugged features, and overall beauty.

Loyalty Came With Experience

When we purchased our Dodge Ram 1500, we were thoroughly impressed with the features and comfort of the ride. This truck felt as if we were floating! The quad cab hauled our whole family comfortably. Additionally, The strong V-8 engine never hesitated for a second, even when we were moving from one house to another, uphill, loaded truck bed and pulling a utility trailer that was also loaded down with furniture. That was incredible, considering the 6-8% grade for 40 miles straight. Once we owned a Ram, we were loyal. Still running famously, our 2007 Dodge Ram has been a truly reliable truck.

A Diverse Community Of Ram Owners

In 2017 an astounding 500,723 Dodge Rams were sold in the US alone. The look and features have become wildly popular for everyone from ranchers to city slickers. Finding a pre-owned Ram can save you thousands on your purchase price if you can’t afford a brand new vehicle. Since there are certain criteria that must be met for a dealership to offer a vehicle as pre-owned, it must be under a certain number of miles, be in great overall condition, and pass an inspection. Additionally, dealers provide service and maintenance prior to offering it for sale. Pre-owned vehicles are a popular choice, due to the fact that they are “nearly new” and buyers save on purchase prices. It is always advised to have an independent mechanic inspect any vehicle prior to signing on that dotted line, which provides a little more peace of mind for the potential buyer.