You need a classic car appraisal Boca Raton FL when you are the owner of a classic car, or if you’re in the market to purchase one. Whether the car you want to buy is custom or original, you need to have an appraised value for several reasons that can help both owner and potential buyer. Appraisals provide official documentation of the fair market value of your car.

An appraisal empowers you to insure your car for an amount that you and your insurance company can agree on. That amount is what it would cost to replace it. Your car is rare and unique, and a classic car appraiser understands this. They know blowers and custom interiors, so you’re not working with someone new to the world of classic cars. If your car’s original, that makes it unique in and of itself!

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Outside of insurance purposes, having an appraisal can also be helpful in the case of divorce, an estate settlement, or if you want to donate the car to charity. The appraised amount is important to have for your taxes when you report the donation. If you’re facing bankruptcy or a financial appraisal, you’ll also want to have a classic car appraisal available.

An appraisal from us gives you detailed documentation for the market value of the vehicle that you can use in these types of situations. We have the knowledge, experience, and current market data on similar sales at our fingertips to give you the right value for your car.

Should a time come when you want to sell your car, you want to know what its fair market value is. You can take a guess at the price based on similar vehicle sales, but classic cars need more customized valuation than that. Our appraisers are experienced in working with classic cars, and they are trained to arrive at the right market value for them. If you’re not as knowledgeable, or even if you are but don’t have access to extensive data on recent comparable sales, you risk selling your vehicle for a price that is too low or maybe not selling it as fast as you want because sellers think the price is too high.

Buyers like to see appraisals because they can have some peace of mind that you, the owner, are not trying to get a price that the car isn’t worth. If you show them an authentic appraisal, they are more likely to feel comfortable with you as a seller.

Give us a call when you get home from your next cruise in your classic car to get a classic car appraisal Boca Raton FL. You’ll want it in your files when the need for it arises.