4 Signs that You Must Leave off Using Your Car Now

It’s quite difficult to know whether it is the right to make a purchase or not. For this purposes, there are many financial counsellors who advice their clients to hold onto the car until its wheels literally fall off. Doing so can sometimes be expensive as the breakdowns and repair costs also keep on occurring along with a great frequency. You can smartly overcome such unnecessary costs. According to Japanese used car exporter, following are five hints that demonstrate it is the most likely time to let your old car go and buy a new one.

1. The Insurance Cost of the Vehicle Keeps on Rising

As a vehicle ages and pile on the miles, it gets more expensive to be insured. Since new cars are equipped with several high-tech safety features, which is why they are qualified for low insurance premiums.   

No matter if a car keeps some good driving records, it still costs more for the insurance – particularly when the car is famous amongst thieves because the parts of such cars are high in demand. Even if you use it for the commute to work, it adds to insurance cost. Like other costs associated with the operating of a vehicle, insurance premiums are equally important. Often, you don’t think of insurance premium while thinking of buying a new car, but you should.

2. Repair costs more than the Actual Cost of the Car

It is cited more often when doing financial math, it is essential and makes sense to keep a record of an old vehicle’s operations. And when the required repair costs goes higher than the actual worth of that car, you must know that it is the best time to scrap that old car and buy a new one. For instance, if you think the time has come to put new tires on your vehicle, ask yourself first if the vehicle is worth of a new set of tires. If the answer is “no,” you should better head to a good car dealer. Also keep in mind that if you can’t see any return on investment in that car, you must send that old car to some scrap heap.

3. Breakdowns and Repairs

Any occasional breakdown on your older cars are to be paid for the needed repairs every once in a while that is reasonable – especially when you have no car payments any longer. Again, if your car starts breaking down every now and then, you most probably think of buying a new one. As a general rule, there is no need to experience any breakdowns more than twice a year. By the term breakdown, we usually mean any incident that prevents the car from being driven and need some major repairs. Here we are not meat to replace windshield wiper blades or the battery, but exhaust systems, radiators, and fixing the engine malfunctions. When you have been to the point where the car is breaking down very frequently (like every three or four months), you’d have got an expensive problem.

4. When Safety becomes an Issue

It doesn’t matter how well you maintain a car, eventually it becomes unsafe to operate. Not only that car gets unreliable, but also prone to break downs at the most dangerous and unlikely times while you are driving on a freeway. Since many older cars don’t have any of the advanced safety features, Japanese used cars Burundi have found them. Electronic stability control, side airbags, blind spot monitoring, rear view cameras, and also forward collision alerts are all fair additions to the cars. However it is argued that a lot of today’s safety features are not really necessary, Japanese used cars come with all at a reasonable cost.

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