So, it finally happened. You went out of your way and practiced safe driving to avoid accidents, yet, the unthinkable occurred. Perhaps you made a mistake, and now your truck is wrecked. Then again, maybe someone else messed up and left your vehicle in a horrendous state. Luckily, your ride wasn’t totaled, but if you wish for it to be driveable again, you’ll probably need to install some replacement parts.

Going to an auto parts store or dealer to order the pieces might not be the best fit. Why? For one, because those places often charge you what feels like an arm and a leg for products. Also, sometimes, the organizations don’t even have the parts available, leaving you stuck between a rock and a hard place. However, there is an alternative, though, used truck parts. The following sections will look at three particular items you may need to transform your vehicle from a dud to a stud. Thus, if your interest is piqued, please, read on to learn more.

A Second-Hand Crossmember

A frame cross member is a piece that is usually made of steel. It bolts beneath the vehicle’s engine or transmission for support and stability. But, when an accident occurs, this item can become bent, cracked, or broken, and the last things it will provide are stability and support. Locating a brand new cross member could prove challenging, but if you do find one, it will probably be pricey and make you break the bank. The solution:

  • Buy a used cross member for a fraction of the cost
  • Install it
  • Make your truck good as new again

Front Or Rear Bumpers

Front/rear bumpers can get damaged in various ways. For instance, you could turn a little too sharp trying to get away from a gas pump, hook one of them on a concrete pole nearby, and bend them beyond repair. Head-on and rear-end collisions can do numbers on these items as well. However, if your bumpers get out out of whack, they don’t have to remain as-is. Instead, you can buy used parts, which are shiny and straight, to fix your ride.

A Like-New Tailgate

Was your tailgate dropped when you accidentally backed into a mailbox, tree, pole, or something else? If so, did the event leave it crunched and dented? When that’s the case, you can purchase a like-new tailgate from a used auto parts organization, replace the unit, and make it appear as if nothing ever happened. After accidents or incidents, don’t forget that you have options for obtaining the pieces needed to repair your truck.