It is pretty easy to improve car’s stopping power with by simply installing a brake kit from  You can choose from many different types, depending on the make and model of your car as well as the type of performance improvement you are looking for.

Black XD Cross Drilled Rotors Brake Kit

For a general improvement in performance, overall, the Black XD Cross Drilled offer a Carbon performance brake pad base with anti-rust coating.  People often choose this brake pad type to address these needs:

  • Rotors constantly warping
  • Need more/better stopping power
  • Improve longevity of braking system
  • Aesthetics

However, this type of brake pad is best suited for performance vehicles outfitted with stronger engines or long-haul/trailer-towing trucks (like the Sierra 1500 or the Ford F-150).

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With that in mind, then, the XD Silver Series and Slotted Brake Kit adds slots that help level the pad which improves friction (stopping power and consistency).

Premium X-Coated Brake Kit

For the all-out best in stopping power, the Premium X-Coated Brake kit is often considered the go-to.  This particular kit relies on premium ceramic brake pads with electrostatic rust proof coating.  And you get plenty of proverbial bang for the buck.  People who choose this brake pad type are often trying to address these needs:

  • Rotors constantly rusting
  • Better longevity than standard OEM brake parts
  • Aesthetics

This type of brake pad is best suited for daily drivers (not performance drivers). If you spend a lot of time in stop-and-go traffic, for example, these might be the right brake pads for you.

G3000 Brake Kit

Essentially, this is regarded as the brake kit of the best value. While it is not the strongest, it is the highest possible quality you can find at the most affordable price. The G3000 Brake Kit offers standard, double-grind finish brake rotors with replacement semi-metallic brake pads. People who choose these brake kits are looking for:

  • Cheap parts for a car you are not going to keep long
  • A lease return (for example) that you will eventually return
  • The lowest possible price (without sacrificing quality)
  • Quality standards for normal use (but no concern, necessarily, for aesthetics)
  • Replacement brake kits for just about any vehicle