Long life to your bike

Now that you have acquired a Honda motorbike, let us explore how to go about its maintenance. Preventive maintenance involves looking after the needs of your  motorcycle to ensure that you get a smooth ride and maximum efficiency. Activities  carried out during preventive maintenance activities include changing of engine oil,  greasing the chain and cleaning air filters among others. Using certified Honda parts for your preventive maintenance ensures that your bike has a long life. For example,  if you use genuine engine oil and keep changing it as instructed, your engine’s  lifetime is increased. If you use counterfeit engine oil, your engine may have a slow  death because of the difference in the rate of evaporation between genuine oil and  fake oil.

Genuine parts have a warranty

All genuine parts come with a product warranty. A warranty protects the bike user from  defective spare parts whereby the buyer can return certified faulty parts. At Honda,  we offer warranties which cover you for a period of up to 24 months. The scope of the  warranty guarantees that the user will get quality service, from the spare part, for  more than the stated duration. With the purchase of counterfeit parts, the buyer takes  full liability in case the spare part fails to fulfil their intended purpose.

Matches the specifications of your bike

Genuine spare parts are made for specific bike models. At Honda, we understand the  needs and specification of our bikes; therefore our Honda parts ensure that your  motorbike works under full potential. The fake parts are made to fit on any motorcycle  meaning that they do not specialize with any motorbike model, making them unreliable  for repair.

Genuine parts are a perfect fit

All motorcycles have variations, that is why they come in different models. Authentic  parts are made for specific models and therefore fit precisely into the bikes. When  the motorbike’s repair is done with genuine parts, the performance is maintained at  the optimum level. Fake parts do not fit to the Honda motorcycles perfectly, and this  results to straining of other motorbike parts to accommodate the foreign component.

Maintain high performance

For you to enjoy the maximum performance of your motorbike, you must keep it well  maintained at all times. If your Honda bike breaks down, use genuine Honda parts for  repair. Authentic parts ensure full capacity performance even after repairing your  motorcycle.


New Honda motorbikes are safe because all parts are made by one manufacturer who  understands the performance specifications. When one performs repairs using authentic  parts, they replace a faulty part with a better component. When a person uses a  counterfeit part for repair, they compromise on the safety of the bike because the fake part may be strained by the bike leading to a sudden failure.