Level 2 charging stations seem to be in high demand in Seattle, Washington perhaps due to the fact that many residents of the city are increasingly getting interested in and actually purchasing electric vehicles. This is of the direct implication that level 2 charger installation in Seattle Washington is a common phenomenon in the place. When having a view of an EV charger, it is very helpful to have a little knowledge of the lingo. Electric vehicle nuts tend to be extremely specific with regards to their verbiage. In as much as it is popularly referred to as level 2 charger, professionals are of the idea that the right terminology is EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) since the typical alternative current to direct current conversion takes place on board the electric vehicle itself. It is not very easy to separate the public from the tendency of referring to them as vehicle chargers especially being that that is the same way manufactures and installation experts term them.

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During installation, it is worth keeping in mind that level 2 charging station by description implies that it is typically running on 240V and might differ in terms of delivery of electric power. Majority of the level 2 units are capable of pulling 30 amps and charging as much as 7.2kW and the installation of the same should be conducted on a forty Amp circuit that has an eight gauge wire. In Seattle, Washington, direct current chargers have as well been installed although the installation of these incurs approximately $8,000 which is fairly equivalent to its 480 volts. It is quite fortunate that in this city, the rate of installation of the Rapid DC chargers is going up remarkably particularly at the local commercial electric vehicle charging stations. The direct current charging station, sometimes called CHAdeMO, has the capacity of pumping an outstanding 62.5 kilowatts worth of direct current right into the vehicle’s battery. For the installation to be successful and beneficial both in the short and long term, the level 2 chargers need a circuit that is of at least 40amp 240V. This is the point at which the installation costs could be found all over the map. In case one is interested in installing a level 2 EV charger but lack adequate capacity in their house, the only perfect move is doing what it takes to upgrade the entire electric system of the building.