What makes a good reach truck trainer?

Your employees are your assets and would love for them to perform efficiently on a daily basis. Similar to machines, they would need regular ‘maintenance’ and ‘upgrading’. Regular training is one thing that will ensure that your workers remain efficient and relevant in a hectic work environment.  

Choosing someone who will be training your lift operators is something that has to be done with care and if you get the wrong person for the job, then you can expect that your productivity of your workers to not increase significantly.

Follow through and find out some of the characteristics you need to look out for when searching for a reach truck trainer.

A good trainer is a good communicator

Communication is a key component in trainers’ skills. You need someone who has the skills to reach all operators, no matter their level of understanding. This person should be in a position to be able to present information in a simplified and concise manner.

You need someone who is computer literate and good in public speaking

Computer literacy is a basic skill for everyone who wishes to work in a public or private office. For a trainer, this is an important skill; they would need to do their research online and develop a proper training material. Without the basic computer knowledge, the training would be shallow, redundant, and therefore would not bear much fruits. Again, like a teacher, the person should be able to communicate well and be comfortable with public speaking. Say, you need fifty forklift operators to be trained; you must be a good public speaker, with the ability to play around with tone variation, sound pitch, and voice. Some machines like the Toyota reach truck are programmable and therefore, the trainer must have some IT skills in order to do the proper demonstrations.

The person must have good interpersonal skills

The way you relate with other people determines the level of communication between you and the other person. A good trainer is someone who is able to relate well with others.

All in all, the skills that were just discussed are paramount in order to ensure that the training that this employee is to conduct will be efficient and beneficial for your workers.

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