Are you considering changing your bike because it needs repairs and new parts? It may be cheaper to buy used parts from a trusted dealer and do the repairs on your bike, giving it a new lease of life while you save up for a new one. If you like your bike, selling it may be something you are dreading. But if you can get the parts second-hand, under warranty and at a decent price, from a trusted dealer, maybe you won’t have to worry about selling. 

For safe motorcycle spares, under warranty and with expert advice, Shop Now –
Fowlers are available for advice and assistance 24 hours a day, and they have the largest supply of genuine parts and spares in the UK. They stock parts from all the major manufacturers. Their website offers a simple parts search that allows you to look up your bike and find the right motorcycle spares for you.
There is also a 24-hour dedicated helpline. Anything you are unsure about regarding parts, fitting or maintenance, they can help. 

So, hopefully you can keep your bike and enjoy more years with it, as the parts are affordable and any advice that you need is available. Parts are often dispatched the same day as ordered or next working day except at the weekend. Returns are possible for incorrect, faulty or damaged parts. 

If you want more information on doing your own repairs and motorcycle parts replacements, there is an excellent intensive online course available here that is suitable for anyone even novices:

So hopefully you can now consider keeping your beloved motorbike for a bit longer and being able to repair a bike is a useful skill. Always follow correct procedures for changing bike parts and doing repairs and always use the correct parts for your bike, don’t cut corners, make sure you fully understand what you are doing, and you will be saving money and have your bike running efficiently. Here’s another good resource for people deciding to purchase motorcycle spares and do their own repairs rather than selling the bike:

Good luck with your repairs. Don’t forget to get the right parts for your make of bike and take advantage of all the free help and advice available. Enjoy the achievement and savings of being able to repair your bike when something goes wrong rather than having to think of selling it.