I-ACTIVSENSE: The Advanced Safety Technology Package from Mazda

The i-ACTIVSENSE has been coined by the automaking brand Mazda to indicate a series of advanced safety technologies they have made in-house, following their own innovative thoughts that is aimed to build up an automotive society which will be free from the unpredictable threats of road accidents.

The i-ACTIVSENSE package of Mazda is basically a series of technologies that works in tune with multiple detection devices like sensors, radars and cameras. These active safety technologies work on the basis of a philosophy, that if the drivers are given time to react, the chances and occurrences of road accidents can be reduced to nil.

We were assured of the same whenever we visited a Mazda showroom of the Scottsdale Mazda dealers, and the like.

Analyzing the reasons behind what actually happens in a collision, Mazda engineers came to the conclusion, that the basic reason behind a collision are:

  • Wrong timing, when two or more cars reach the same place at the same time,
  • When a car loses control and rams into any hard surface or another car,
  • When the drivers fail to apply the brake and fail to steer away from a hindrance in time,
  • Over speeding of the vehicles
  • Lack of visibility
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving

Mazda’s i-Activsense is a set of technologies that help support the driver to be aware of the upcoming potential traffic hazards, like, if there is a car coming too close from either the opposite direction, or from the behind, if there is a pedestrian or an animal crossing the road or coming near the car, if it is safe to change the lane at a particular point of time and so on.

These are in majority a bunch of pre-crash safety technologies that firstly will try to avert the impending collisions and then help reduce the severity of the impact that is caused by a collision, in case it becomes unavoidable.

Technologies Included in i-ACTIVSENSE


With this technology the headlights lower their beams in the direction of the steering to enhance visibility.


It is used to automatically control the vehicle speed in order to maintain the right distance between the cars driving ahead. It also alerts the driver whenever any vehicle approaching from either of the sides or from the rear when the car is driven at a highway speed.


This is a system that can detect all the lane markings drawn on the road surface and can warn the driver during any unintentionally done lane departures.


This system in particular helps the driver in avoiding all possible hazards by initiating an alarm sound whenever it detects that there is a risk of collision.

Pre-Crash Safety Technology

These pre-crash safety technologies help the driver to avoid every situation that can lead to a frontal collisions while reducing the damage that results from an accident.

Acceleration Control

It is done by stopping the car from accelerating when there’s a sudden take-off due to the wrong pressing of the accelerator pedal where the driver intended to press the brake pedal instead.

To know more about such innovative safety features like i-Activsense, get in touch with a Mazda expert like the one whom we met at a showroom of a reputable Mazda dealer near Scottsdale.


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