Brabham Automotive, a company that manufactures quality vehicles was started by David, who is a Sir Jack Brabham son. He is the youngest son of Sir Jack and a Formula 1 race driver himself previously like his father. The automobile company produces track cars that run efficiently on the road. Sir Jack Brabham is known all over the world as a Formula One world champion in the car racing sport. He is famous for his driving skills.

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Having won the world championship three times, Sir Jack has received the title and honor of Knighthood. He constructed a car that he used in one of the formula one races and he won that race. Even though he retired from his racing career in 1970, the other members of his team continue to take part in formula one. Sir Jack is one of the most famed Australian racing legends. Unfortunately, he passed away and left us in 2014. Sir Jack expired at the age of 88.

Brabham Automotive has its office in the United Kingdom. This office focuses on selling cars in Europe, the United States as well as Middle East regions. The company has an office in Adelaide in Australia that is meant for business in Asia and Australia. The company has become an iconic motorsports symbol that manufactures and sells the best quality racing cars. The best engineers are employed in the company who provide their services for car manufacturing along with some of the best innovators who have come up with new designs of racing cars.

The racing car automobile company started by Sir Jack Brabham son has produced cars that have been used by the top racing champions. A large number of racing cars with only one seat have been manufactured by the company till now that continue to dominate the racing car market. The high-performance cars are famous for its quality and construction. Excellent customer support is available to the customers of Brabham automotive.