If you’ve planned to relocate to New Zealand from Australia and are planning to take your vehicle with you or you want to import a new vehicle from Australia to New Zealand, it’s very essential that you study what documentation you’ll need.

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The vehicle you import will either be new or used. For both, you should have documents to prove that the vehicle meets the required standards. In any case, it’s recommended that you hire Dazmac for shipping car to New Zealand now.

New Vehicles

For new vehicles, the most perfect way to prove the vehicle meets the necessary standards is to acquire a statement of compliance. Most of the times, you will get it automatically from the manufacturer or their agents.

However, if you will be importing your car from a source other than the automaker or their agents, you’ll have to ensure you obtain the required evidence from recognised authorities.

Documents for Cars Sourced from Automakers or Their Agents

Most of the times, if your new car is sourced directly from the automaker or their agents, you’ll be automatically provided with all the required information by them.

Typically, it will be in the form of a statement of compliance; however, it may even be in the form of a compliance plate.

You may require test certificate information that proves that it was made to meet the necessary standards. You can seek an advice from entry certifiers about whether you need this.

Proof of Compliance with Emission Standards

For New Heavy Vehicles

The proof you provide to exhibit compliance, for example, a statement of compliance, should include evidence that the vehicle was made to fulfill an applicable emissions standard.

For New Light Vehicles

The representative of the automaker should provide you documentation that is evidence that the vehicle was made to fulfill an applicable emissions standard.

Proof of Compliance with Fuel Consumption Information Requirements

The representative of the automaker should also provide you fuel consumption information for new automobiles to the Motor Vehicle Register.

Most of the automakers’ agents are authorised to perform the entry certification; thus you can directly perform the next step of importing your vehicle.

Used Vehicles

If the vehicle you are importing from Australia to New Zealand is a used one, you will have to provide proof that it fulfills an array of standards before you can register the vehicle for using on the road.

Here are the types of documentations, you’ll have to produce.

Proof of ownership: Papers of change of ownership or deregistration in addition to an invoice, receipt of sale or bill, etc. In short, you’ll have to show the proof that you are the legal owner of the car.

Fuel consumption: Fuel consumption certificate

Frontal impact standards: Compliant vehicles, statement of compliance or Australian design rules (ADR) compliance

Frontal impact standards were developed by 1994-96 and so, they mainly apply to used imports. If your vehicle doesn’t meet a frontal impact standard, you cannot bring it to New Zealand.

If your car was manufactured after 1996 there should be an ADR compliance plate with it which is accepted evidence. If you have no ADR compliance plate, you will have to obtain a statement of compliance.

Emissions standards:Statement of compliance or Australian design rules (ADR) plate that includes an approved emission standard

For used as well as parallel-imported new cars, acceptable evidence that your car fulfills New Zealand requirements is a statement of compliance that contains an authorised emission standard.

Light automobile brakes standards: For ESC (electronic stability control)

Heavy automobile brakes standards

Overall standards: Statement of compliance or ADR compliance plate

Understanding these requirements is essential for a hassle-free importation process. As such, just as you can get expert services for car shipping USA to Australia from Dazmac, you can get their expert services for importing a car to New Zealand too.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au