Tekmetric is an online platform that provides auto repair software to mechanics all over the world. This software is extremely easy to use, and it can be accessed on any device. It takes less than five minutes to setup Tekmetric, and there is absolutely no hardware needed to make this program work. Another great thing about Tekmetric is that it can be used for more than one shop at one time, so this is fantastic auto repair software for mechanics that have several shops operating at the same time.

Customers Are First Priority

Beyond helping mechanics, this auto repair software was created to make customers the main priority. Customers can use Tekmetric to set up an appointment for auto repairs, and customers will only have to drop off there vehicle. Even better, customers will receive a courtesy text message when their vehicle is ready to be picked up. If that is not good enough, customers can also pay for their repairs services using Tekmetric. This means customers can come to the shop, get in their vehicle, and go. The owner of the shop can even send a message to clients thanking them for their business. Moreover, the Tekmetric platform is super easy to navigate through, so young and old customers alike will be able to take care of their vehicle repair business quickly and effectively.

Owners Have An Easier January

In addition to keeping track of customers, owners using Tekmetric will also have an easier January. This auto repair software keeps track of everything from income taking in to donations given out. When it comes time for tax season, Tekmetric provides a detailed print out of the entire previous year, so owners can easily file their taxes. Tekmetric also has several different forms that can be used when a mechanic goes to file taxes, and these forms are updated on an annual basis, so they will always be in accordance with the newest laws that go into effect.

Many Success Stories

There have been many success stories that have come from mechanics who have been using this auto repair software. Most of these success stories can be found on the Tekmetric main website under the reviews area. The greatest success stories talk about how mechanics have more time to work on cars, which means they can take on more customers. Instead of calculating prices, calling customers to pick up their vehicles, and keeping track of how many cars are in each shop, mechanics can work in peace knowing that everything else is being handled properly.

Other success stories tell of how mechanics are making more money since they began using Tekmetric. One of the main reasons for this is because mechanics are more organized, so they are more focused on getting customers and advertising. Additionally, Tekmetric builds a digital customer relationship in the background of everything. When a customer is gone too long, they will receive a friendly reminder from Tekmetric that their mechanic is on standby. This alone has helped mechanics get double the number of returning customers.