Why People Need to Check Out 2020 Mazda 3?

There’s quite a buzz going around with the upcoming 2020 Mazda 3. From stylish and sleek design with the ultimate comfort, this car is expected to one of the best vehicles from the company. However, before you go on ordering one for yourself from a Phoenix Mazda showroom, you might consider knowing about specifications and more of this car. So, without delaying more check out what’s in store for you. 

Performance and engine 

The newer models will be equipped with naturally I4 aspirated 2.5L engine that is part of Skyactiv G. It will produce a horsepower of 186 along with a torque of 186. Like most of Mazda’s best newer models, this car is also comes with either manual or automatic six speed transmission; this depends on the model one purchases. 

This car is quite efficient and can give the driver a maximum of 27 mpg when driving around in the city and 36 mpg when on highway. A combined of this offers 30 mpg with complete front wheel driving. However, this numbers are achieved only when a person drive with switching on cylinder deactivation technique. While it is switched off, these numbers might drop to 26 mpg on city and 35 on highway; however, the combined ratings doesn’t change which stays at 30 mpg. 


Every 2020 model is equipped with 8.8 inches screen for managing infotainment system. It is situated on dashboard and has a central knob which controls it. Also, it comes with shortcut buttons that can be found of center console. In addition, Android Auto and AppleCar are available on all variants except the base sedan trim. 

Also, this vehicle comes with i-Active Sense which is an ideal driver assistance technology found on all variants of this car. It means that all models have alert function, automated emergency braking, cruise control along with go and stop functionality, lane assist, warning about lane departure, monitoring blind spot, alert for crossing traffic, and more. 


The interior has no changes for the 2020 model as the 2019 model was completely updated. Options are provided to customers to choose between leather and cloth along with different color selection. Standard amenities include electronic brake for parking, AC, push button for starting, sound system with eight speakers, heated and power seats, moon-roof, USB ports, and more. To have a complete set of interior details visit a Mazda Phoenix showroom to check it out first hand. 

This car can seat 5 people; however, it is ideally comfortable for 4 people. It has a space of over 13 cubic feet in the traditional trunk but the hatchback offers more than 20 cubic feet. 


The 2020 version is priced at $22,420 but the all-wheel drive comes at a minimum of $25,020. The hatchback base model is $24,650 while for the all-wheel drive one will have to shell out over $26,000. The manual transmission is available only on front wheel drive which will be approximately $28,500. In short, a premium hatchback AWD will cost around $30,000. 

Now that you have ample information about the 2020 model, simply visit a Mazda dealer and get the one which you like most!

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