Things to Remember While Maintaining and Repairing Your Car Brakes

Brakes are the primary component of car safety, as it is the brakes that slow down and finally stops the car when needed. A failed brake is a clean death trap, escaping which is no less than a skill or miracle. So, maintaining your car brakes is equal to staying safe while driving. But like any other mechanism, even the brakes wear with time and usage. While other parts might give you some time to get them repaired, the brakes won’t. Therefore, you need to remember a few facts about brake maintenance and repair. 

Never Try a DIY

When we asked a friend of ours who serve at the brake service in Medford, whether we can try a DIY to maintain or repair the brakes, he warned us sincerely against it. 

He continued that unless the owner is a trained automotive mechanic himself, he should never try a DIY, when it is all about maintaining or repairing the brakes. 

He further explained that the brakes are made of critical parts that are directly responsible for the safety of a vehicle, and in most cases, they can’t be brought back to work with a mere repair but need to be replaced. 

What Causes Brake Damage

In general, the brake maintenance and repair involve two categories. One is the brake pad, and the other is the brake rotor. Damage to either or both these parts can be caused by the following reasons.


Both these parts can wear off in due course of time. So, you need to keep an eye on these two parts, if your car is aged more than ten years, or if you have driven substantial count of miles since the ownership of the vehicle. 

Driving Habit

The brake pads can wear off with excessive usage as well. This means that hard braking too often can cause damage to the brake pads, as well as the brake rotors. To know if the brake rotors are worn out, the mechanics will check on the outer and inner edges of the rotor especially at those areas where the brake pads come in contact with the brake rotor. Any sign of wear on the brake rotor, suggests that it should be replaced immediately and not be tried a repair work. 

Testing the Brakes

At the Medford brake service center, we learnt that after every brake repair or maintenance service, every car owner should test out if they are back to their usual state. This test of brake repair should be performed under the supervision of a trained mechanic, and in a garage that has enough empty space to try out the vehicle brakes. It should never be tested anywhere near a driveway or in a normal traffic for obvious safety reasons. While checking if one notices any weird notice or a spongy feeling under the feet, they should not shy away to take it for a second opinion and a further maintenance schedule, as nothing is more valuable than life itself.

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