The Best Used Cars to shop for 2018  

Not everyone wants, needs, or has the budget for a new or late model used car. Fortunately, for the past few decades, automakers have been producing vehicles that hold up much better than years ago. Some ten, or twelve year old cars look and run almost as well as their first day on the road and cost a fraction of their original sticker price.  Auction Direct USA has a huge selection of used cars and here’s a list of five such choices, some stylish, some sporty, all dependable and reasonably priced.

The Kia Soul

Once thought of as “low quality,” Korean manufacturer Kia turned things around in the mid-2000s. They now make some of the most reliable options on the road today. The Kia Soul has a distinct “cube” shape. Shine it up, and no one will ever guess its age. It’s also a lot roomier inside for both cargo and passengers than it appears from the outside.

The Mazda 3

Another sporty choice with a body-style that hides its age, the Mazda 3 provides sport-driving pleasure without the pinch of big payments.

The Nissan Maxima

Saving money doesn’t always involve compromise. Loaded with luxury, the Nissan Maxima of ten years ago has many of the same features as today’s model, just without the high price.

The Subaru Outback

Who says that all-wheel drive is out of reach on a budget? Check out the 2007 – 2009 Subaru Outbacks. They also come in several trim levels which range from basic to luxurious.

The Toyota Avalon

Roomy, quiet, luxurious, dependable, and a ride as smooth as butter, older Toyota Avalons come with everything but the hefty price.

Once upon a time, a car’s tenth birthday meant it’s nearing the end of its life. Nowadays, however, for smart car buyers, a tenth birthday is just the beginning of its new life.


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