Greater Boots for the Perfect Motorcycle Usage Options

It is out of the question to take simple rubber boots to make the bike off-road. A rough path greatly increases the risk of nasty falls, fractures and dislocations. That’s why it’s important to focus on boots specially designed for off-road use. Then you can see according to a more or less intensive practice of motocross if you have to bet on boots of entry-level, mid-range or high-tech.

Motocross boots: how does it work?

The MX boots are high boots that must provide maximum protection with reinforcements at the ankles, shins and calves and a good seal to meet the conditions of motocross. They are associated with socks adapted so that they can absorb sweat. As such, we recommend those of the brand Alpine stars.

Understand the different types of motocross boots to choose well

The off-road boots have been specifically designed for off-road use, and are distinguished by increased ankle support for optimum fall protection and stone throwing. They are particularly rigid, strong and mount more than ordinary boots. Their rigidity can quickly become uncomfortable on the road and hinder the feeling of orders. Essentially, we distinguish between boots intended for leisure use and others more oriented towards competition with greater technical expertise.

All the criteria for buying motocross boots


To choose the right dose of flexibility or rigidity, everything will depend on your use of the boots. MX motorcycle boots will be put to the test and will have to be quite rigid and resistant to shocks and other projections as is the case for the Tech 7 Alpine stars. Their rigidity will also ensure a good support of your ankles. By cons for leisure, you can allow you more flexible boots like the Alpine stars Tech 1. It must also be taken into account that boots too rigid are not necessarily suitable for small feet that will feel some discomfort.

What size?

It is advisable to take a size above your usual size, and this to reserve enough space for socks. To know your size, take care to measure your feet between their ends then to refer to the equivalences in size on our guide of size of the boots motocross.

The presence of a waterproof inner membrane is a real plus for motocross boots against water infiltration. However, it must be ensured that this membrane is breathable to avoid a plastic bag effect for the foot. As for leather, it offers only a relative water-tightness and it is preferable to move towards synthetic materials.


Comfort is closely linked to the flexibility and the presence of slippers that some will find more comfortable. Make sure at the time of fitting that your foot has enough freedom of movement inside the boots and that you can lift your heel a few millimeters. You must also leave a small space between your toes and the end of the boots.

Resistance and protection

The motocross boots must guarantee good protection of the entire foot. To know if the boots will be strong enough and protective, you can simulate a lateral flexion of the ankle on it. Boots with slippers or foam around the ankles provide better support for the ankle and effectively cushion shocks. Also make sure that protective shells and rigid parts are present at the most sensitive places (especially at the level of the malleoli). A non-slip, oil-resistant outsole is also very useful when the terrain is slippery.

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